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About Us

Microtest Ltd. (Registered: Cg.01-710444, Established: 2003.)
H-1225 Budapest, Szentháromság u. 30
Tel.: +36(20)4699715
E-mail: Tekla.Engelhardt@microtest.hu

Company profile

Research, development and counselling in the area of, or connected to, food and environmental microbiology.

Company philosophy

We do not select projects for existing team but optimize team for projects and targets.

Areas of activity

We solve your problems with contribution of special experts of the highest grade (engineer, microbiologist, physicist).
Our principle is that we deploy wide range of approved and recognized methods (exceeding simple empirical approaches), correct mathematical and statistical modeling techniques, so that we can improve efficiency in research and provide trustworhy results.

This website offers publications and presentations connected to the area of our activity. They might be useful sources of specific information.

Dr. Engelhardt Tekla
Chief Executive Officer